Size Guide


1. Determine Your Cervix Height:

- Before choosing a size, measure your cervix height.
- Insert a clean finger into your vagina and feel for your cervix.
- If you can easily reach it with the first knuckle, you likely have a low cervix. If you need to insert your finger deeper, you may have a higher cervix.

2. Size Recommendations:

Small (S):
Recommended for:
- Menstruators with a low to medium cervix height.
- Those with a lighter flow.


- Height: 7.6cm
- Diameter: 4.3cm
- Capacity: 25ml

Large (L):
  Recommended for:
- Menstruators with a medium to high cervix.
- Those with a heavier flow.


- Height: 7.9cm
- Diameter: 4.7cm
- Capacity: 30ml

- Understand that there is no universal size for everyone.
- Individual anatomy and preferences vary, so choose a size based on your unique needs.
- If unsure, start with the size recommended for your cervix height and adjust as needed.

3. Learning Curve:

- Using a menstrual cup has a learning curve.
- Be patient and give yourself time to adapt to the cup.
- It may take a few cycles to find the most comfortable and effective way to use it.

Refer to our how-to-use guide and FAQ section to learn more.